Photos: Christopher Burke, Elizabeth Terhune

Artist’s Statement

My interest has always been in looking at how meaning is created and expressed.

My drawings and paintings are structured around perception and association, and what happens within the process of making an image. I particularly like the contradiction between the precision of line and the obfuscation of incomplete information and overlays.

The space of my drawings and paintings is layered, structured and suspended. I’ve chosen to work with a somewhat reduced vocabulary of obdurate, simple shapes within a basic landscape space. Generally, I emphasize the immediate and overwhelmingly sensual quality of paint, either thick or thin.

While my paintings and drawings read like landscapes, the gaze is toward something more intimate, and possibly disturbing. The recurrent trumpet shape, the mingling (or mangling) of flowers and heads is meant to reference breath and time. The reality of being within nature.  And, as happens when one stands where a mountain field merges into forest, I hope the larger weight is felt while the smaller focus is still observed.